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The Chapter Service Officer (CSO) is an integral part of the services provided to veterans by Titusville, Florida DAV Chapter 109. The Service Officer provides one of the most important links in the organization. The CSO is responsible for gathering information to assist in obtaining the benefits and services available to veterans, their dependents and survivors. The primary function of the CSO is to advise and instruct claimants and to forward all pertinent claims communications to the DAV National Service Office of Jurisdiction. To perform these actions the CSO must be thoroughly knowledgeable of the many varied report forms utilized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Each year, the Service Officers of Chapter 109 attend a week long course of instruction sponsored by the DAV and DVA to ensure that they are well informed of changes in the DVA requirements and regulations. Shop for discount tires online today.
            The Service Officers of Chapter 109 stand ready to assist all honorably discharged veterans, dependents and their surviving family members. Appointments are not necessary, just contact the Chapter, to determine what days and time frame the Service Officers are available.
Jim Harnish
Senior Service Officer
Titusville Chapter 109, Inc.


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I was that which others cared not to be. I went where others feared to go and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing. I reluctantly, accepted the thought of eternal loneliness-should I fail. I have seen the face of terror, felt the chill of fear, warmed to the touch of love. I have hoped, pained, cried. But, foremost, lived in times others would say best forgotten. At the very least, in later days, I will be able to say with greatest pride, That I was indeed, a Soldier!!

By: George L. Skypeck 173rd. Airborne Brigade at Dak To


Background Information on the Disabled American Veterans

Treaties are signed and the battles of nations end, but the personal battles of those disabled in war only begin when the guns fall silent. These men and women must struggle to regain health, reshape lives shattered by disability, learn new trades or professions, and rejoin the civilian world. At each step, they need help to help themselves. For three quarters of a century now, that aid has come from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), a nonprofit organization of more than one million veterans disabled during time of war or armed conflict.
Formed in 1920 and chartered by Congress in 1932, the million-member DAV is the official voice of America's service-connected disabled veterans -- a strong, insistent voice that represents all of America's 2.1 million disabled veterans, their families and survivors. Its nationwide network of services -- free of charge to all veterans and members of their families -- is totally supported by membership dues and contributions from the American public. Not a government agency, the DAV's national organization receives no government funds.


D.A.V. Chapter #109, Inc. Publishes this  Web Site, this is done as a service to its members as well at a Public Information Source for Veterans Affairs.  The contents DO NOT necessarily reflect the views or the opinions of the general membership, Executive Committee or of the state and National Parent Organization, nor does mention of a product or  organization imply Endorsement




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